Lake Bled

Updated: Mar 27

Do you often see this popular picture of a church in the middle of a crystal clear lake surrounded by green trees?

Lake Bled viewpoint
After short, but a beautiful hike in Ojstrica you will reach this stunning view.

Well we are here to talk about it today.

Slovenia is known for its stunning nature, unfortunately we are writing today only about Lake Bled itself, but later on we will do an entire blog about Slovenia.

The lake is situated in the heart of Bled, Slovenia and it is near the Austrian border. You can find a couple of things to do in the city so we recommend that you stay at least 1-2 nights.

The boat ride in lake Bled
The boat ride in Lake Bled

You can rent a small boat and paddle your way to the island in order to visit the church.

The only way to reach the island is by renting a boat. The ride is so stunning and it is ideal for everyone, whether you are visiting with friends, family or with your significant other.

Just remember, do not pollute the lake and of course do not throw any waste into the water.

Chilling at lake Bled
You can find an ideal spot on every side of the lake.

You have to make Bled castle a priority in your visit to the lake.

The castle is situated on a cliff overlooking the nature, the lake and of course, the church on the island. The 11th century castle is full of history so if you are interested in history then you have a couple of reasons to visit the castle.

Nevertheless, make sure to visit the castle for it is an essential part of the trip.

The view of lake Bled and the church from Bled castle.
The view of the church and the lake from the castle.

Across from the castle, on the other side of the lake you will find a resort, Straza Bled, which is filled with activities for all ages.

If you visit the city and the lake in winter, you will have the option to go skiing there.

Straza Bled from above overlooking the lake.
The park from above overlooking the lake and the castle.

One hour drive south with the car, you will find yourself in Ljubljana, the country's capital.

The city is rich with history and you will find yourself lost in it in a couple of minutes.

The castle sits on top of a hill, that way it overlooks the entire city.

Don't forget to visit the center. The city center is not that big, but still, very beautiful.

Ljubljana center
The heart of Ljubljana