Europe's steepest vineyard

Are you a wine fan?

Maybe a fan of hikes too?

Then this is the right place for you.

The Moselle runs through four European countries and one of them is Germany. The Moselle is known for its wonderful hikes, small villages along the river, it’s many castles and also the types of wine that can be found here.

If you are coming by train (or a car) you will be pleased by the sight of the many towns with castles on top of the nearing mountains along the Moselle.

This viewpoint at Gipfelkreuz (summit cross) in the Moselle valley is called the Moselschleife which, translated to English, means the “Moselle loop”.

Gipfelkreuz at the Moselschleife in the Moselle valley - Calmont Klettersteig
The Moselschleife

This view point can be reached from the nearby small village Bremm.

Bremm is very a beautiful village and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to walk through its alleys.

Bremm in the Moselle valley, Cochem-Zell

The town is rather small and very quiet and the people living there are very nice.

Alleys of Bremm in the Moselle valley

After you make your way to the church, which is where you will begin your hike, you will start seeing the “loop” and it’s magical beauty.

But watch out, the hike is not that easy and you should bring with you a lot of water, especially on hot days.

A sign at the beginning of the Calmont Klettersteig
A warning sign in German, English, Dutch and French

This sign can be found at the beginning of the trail and it is recommended that you read it before you continue.

After reading the instructions, if you saw that it is fit for you to continue on this hike, you will start your way through the beautiful vineyards and slowly make your way to the top.

Along the way, you will start seeing that the view is getting better and better, you will be able to see Bremm too and also the ships sailing through the river.

The hike takes about an hour. After you have reached the top which is the summit cross, you will be able to enjoy fantastic views of the valley.

Sometimes people paraglide from the top of the summit cross and it’s a wonderful thing to see.

When you reach the top, you can continue to vier Seen Blick, which also has good views of the loop.

Vier Seen Blick at Calmont Klettersteig
The sanctuary at vier Seen Blick

After we finished the hike we made our way by foot to another beautiful village nearby called Neef.

On the way to Neef we stumbled upon these beautiful trees.

After we reached Neef we stayed there for around an hour or so, discovered the wonderful village then sat down in the middle of the village to eat.

Neef is just as beautiful as Bremm with many small houses.

Neef, Cochem-Zell

We stayed in Neef for around an hour or so, discovered the wonderful village then sat down in the middle of the village to eat.

We ask you not to leave waste behind and to respect the people living in this place.