Who are we?

Welcome to our story.

We are two university students who are passionate about travelling the world. 

Whenever we travel, we are usually very detail oriented. We like to visit every single important landmark in the city we are staying in, but most importantly we tend to discover those "hidden gems" of the city ranging from beautiful uncrowded picturesque streets to the best restaurants in town, in order for us to experience the city as locals. 

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One of our favorite hidden gems in Europe

The hidden gems are not known for the larger part of the tourists and this way we can take full advantage of the city without being disturbed by large crowds.

We find that trying the best bars and restaurants in each city we visit, especially the ones not known for the tourists, but loved by the locals, is one of the best ways to experience the city as a local.

For us travelling the world is not a means to escape life, we travel because it is a way for us to discover new cultures, meet new people and most importantly, be able to live to the fullest before life escapes before our eyes.

If you stay up to date with us and let us offer you our services, we will help you get the most out of your next trip and hopefully all of your future trips.

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The point where the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium meet.

We have no professional cameras and we don't use photoshop apps, most of what we will post on our blog will be from our adventures, unless stated otherwise, so you can rest assured in knowing that we have experience in planning the best possible vacations.

What we offer is a custom built plan for your next vacation which will be planned to the smallest detail, all of which will be from your personal requests and in addition our recommendations. 

Unlike other big travel agencies and websites, either one of the co-founders will be the one planning your next dream vacation, meaning that you will get the best possible service, because we strive to make this process as easy and as smooth for you as possible.

We work seven days a week, which means that whenever you have a question for us we will reply in a matter of hours.